Mila by Quinn... is here! Beautiful New Zealand made Rash shirts, that shout it's summer. Environmentally conscious, custom printed fabric. Best of all.. you won't have to size up, because we have made Rash shirts that fit. Feel confident and comfortable this summer!

Women's recycled waste Rash shirts
New Zealand Made

40% OFF all Rashies

*Please be advised that all sales are final, except in the case of faulty items, or where there is a suitable size exchange possible.

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Daisy by Quinn, breastfeeding clothing designed by someone who has been there and understands the basic needs of a garment. Soft, organic fabric, designed with simple feeding access in mind, and something that gives you the confidence to feed anywhere.

Isla by Quinn, is clothing that represents effortless comfort. Skilfully handmade New Zealand clothes that any woman can throw on and feel good about herself. Beautiful soft, organic cotton, that's not only good for your skin, but for the environment too!

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